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Fantasy Football League Logo


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I usually stick to uniforms, but I thought I'd take try a wordmark-type logo for my fantasy football league. I have no idea on how to do shadows the correct way, so I just took a stab at doing them on the gazebo. How'd I do?

Any suggestions on how to liven up the CFA part of it? It seems kind of bland but I don't want to just bevel the hell out of it. I use Photoshop, BTW.


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Yeah, I was trying to figure out how to incorporate the football theme in there. Maybe laces on the roof of the gazebo? Its named the way it is because my friends and I used to play football in the courtyard of our high school during lunch.

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A couple things I would try-

Enlarge slightly and center the gazebo. To me the gazebo looks well rendered.

A lighter weight version of the same font for the words at the bottom, maybe even experiment with two lines.

Replace the center of the A with a football, and add motion lines coming off of the back of it.

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