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Lightning alt. concept


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I haven't posted much over here in some time (been working on some concpets) but I thought I'd share one that I posted over at the old board a few weeks ago.  I let the thread drop because it evolved into a discussion about the shape of the state of Florida and the appendage it resembles.

I know some of you don't look at the old board anymore (can't say that I blame you) so I thought I'd finally post it over here.  My Tampa Bay Lightning concept...


Template courtesy Roger Clemente, Lightning and NHL logos courtesy theSLE.com, number and letter resources courtesy Frylock.

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STL -- Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

I thought I had fixed the shades of blue before uploading the image to my site, but I obviously forgot to.  As for the stripes, no offense taken.  I've always thought they were quirky, and kinda dumb, but I put 'em on there just to keep the jersey in style with the rest of the Lightning jerseys.

I'll tweak the jersey, and try to get it uploaded soon.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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