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  1. With the games looking like they are being played in a TV studio, this really looks like a screengrab from NBA2k (or whatever game the kids are playing these days...)
  2. The suspenders are part of the fishing gear the crew is wearing, it’s from a company called Grundéns. Regarding the team name, I hope it’s Sockeyes over Kraken. The kerfuffles on the board here really soured my interest in the Kraken monicker.
  3. Excellent read, and fun video! I’m sure this has been unearthed at some point, but it looks like Dave Parker is wearing his All Star Game jersey from the prior night, complete with patch on the sleeve.
  4. I’m glad you didn’t. The red pairs with the bill, and matches the star on the back of the jersey. That entire set is so well balanced.
  5. Whoa!! The star on the cap from the tradition set is BRILLIANT! There’s almost not enough contrast, but I appreciate the subtlety. I would buy that hat in an instant.
  6. So much in this series that I absolutely LOVE. The Hammers identity is fantastic, especially the Atl script. And that Giants tradition uniform is MONEY. It has a vintage simplicity, not unlike the Yankees and Red Sox (1980s) road sets, but the single color script brings it to life. Keep up the great work!
  7. I read the quoted tweet in the voice of Alec Baldwin as Trump, and it all makes sense...
  8. So, fun fact... when the Braves were putting this design together, there was a red prototype to go with the white and blue. Allegedly, Hank Aaron put a veto on the red one. Anyway, love the series so far! Keep it going!
  9. Yes! Exactly! You were able to explain what I was seeing, and fix it to where it doesn’t look “off”. While I appreciate what@andrewharrington was saying, and I appreciate his skills and contributions and experience, I feel that @monkeypower got this revised properly.
  10. The thing that has always bugged me about this logo, like all the way back when it was introduced, are the overly thick outlines or keylines around the stick blades, stick knobs, and the edge of the mask. It just never made any sense to me. It’s nearly as distracting (bad) as the Vegas Golden Knights shoulder logo with impossible layering...
  11. I was just about to say the same. It’s probably white with the new bolt. Maybe a different face mask color. As cool as the old-school numbers were on the side, the Chargers should leave them blank. Just the bolts. And speaking of bolts, can we all agree that Tom O’Grady’s Gatorade-rip off lightning bolt LA logo that was plastered all over a certain blog this morning looks absolutely dreadful?
  12. Looking at this reference image just reinforces the whole “inconsistency” vibe. And YES, I get that in 1946 there was more of a likelihood of inconsistent quirks. But the opposite direction of the shadow is just as significant as the stripes on the new pants. And frankly, I think the new pants are fine as part of the overall refresh.
  13. Insert stereotypical joke about something from Cleveland being inefficient...
  14. I’m with you. Once the right side of the A is outlined underneath the horn, it makes the right half of the L look unfinished. These arbitrary lines and forced depth are some of the same issues riddling the Vegas Golden Knights secondary logo, which I also am bothered by...