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  1. And thanks to this CCM template, reasonable multi-color collars CAN exist...
  2. I swear those silver “pinstripes” are gold on this throwback. Especially when compared to graphic used on the mothership article. Are my old-man eyes deceiving me??
  3. I can’t be the only person who has noticed the waistband logo is oriented incorrectly on the Nike throwback... At least compared to the Stockton/Malone reference picture in the mothership article, it’s incorrect.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree!! I’m bummed that they aren’t going full-on inaugural 1970/71 season unis (only worn once as a throwback), and I second that they should be wearing white 1976/77 unis, since that’s what they actually wore when they won the championship.
  5. The fact that the first E in Eagles does NOT have a serif is going to bug me...
  6. I love all of these updates to the Expos, particularly the Whips inspired updates. My only criticism is that there is too much mixing of red and blue elements, it reminds me of the headache down in Texas. Red hats with blue jerseys, blue jerseys with read hats... Too much. Otherwise, I’m totally on board!
  7. According to the Blazers in that Twitter thread, that will be their home court all season long. Makes me wonder if they’ll have any kind of anniversary uniform or not.
  8. I get that either the Sixers or Nike has taken some artistic license with this set, but it bugs me that they are insistent on using the NBAHC logo, when they should be using the NBA 25th Anniversary logo on the shorts. But, ya know, while I’m at it, I’ll go yell at the kids to get off my lawn... Side note: If the Blazers don’t bring back their inaugural 1970-71 set for their 50th Anniversary, I’ll be greatly let down. I don’t want to see some brand new black and gold design like the Hawks’ uni last year.
  9. They misspelled “HORNER” but otherwise, those are GORGEOUS.
  10. As cool as these Phillies unis are, I’m more excited to see the Braves wear their 1979 Road unis. That weird hybrid/holdover from the feather set that got rolled in to the red pinstripe at home era... Have I overlooked any promo pics for the Braves unis?
  11. I’m sitting here watching the Bivouac vs 3 Headed Monsters. This is the first Big 3 game I’ve watched. I don’t know which is worse: the level of play, or the overwhelming apathy in the crowd shots. Oof.
  12. Just a quick drive-by comment to tell you the red/black/blue set is MONEY. It ties in to the “city” sports colors of red and black (Blazers, Winterhawks, prior eras of Beavers) but adds in a delightful and fitting twist with the light blue. NAILED IT, my friend. Thank you for your kind words in your reply, and I share many of the same sentiments re: the likelihood of a stadium/team coming together.
  13. Bravo! I am quite pleased and it has been well worth the wait for the first (and hopefully not the last) Portland entry in this series! I’m not sure if it was on purpose, but the light blue and forest green (my terms, to be sure) made me think of Tampa Bay. But in no way does it feel like it’s copping their old color scheme. This totally stands on its own. And kudos for not just copying the White Stag sign - and yes, I’m old enough to remember when it didn’t say Made in Oregon. The heritage set based off the 1956/57 Beavers makes me happier than you could imagine. I hate to nitpick, because frankly, I couldn’t do what you do. But part of me wonders if the Stags text may look better in green? And kudos for using the reference picture of my namesake posing in the striped undershirts. For what it’s worth, I once made an appearance on UniWatch with my DYI of the striped undershirt - which would be fun to see as an option for the Stags (hint, hint!) Lastly, thank you for sharing some of the background of the Portland Baseball Group. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Kanter for a tv show back in 2003. He was quite a gentleman and I will forever be grateful for his time. Anyway, PBG really got screwed over by the city of Portland who completely bent over backwards for the Portland Family Entertainment bid. That’s a fascinating read in its own right. But I digress... I wish I had more hands so I could give this concept four thumbs up!! Great job!
  14. Hmm... does that last statement mean we might see blue and yellow for the Portland A’s? Something to tie in to the state colors rather than just a “simple transfer” of the kelly/yellow Oakland look? Seriously, the Portland elements of this thread are the ones I await so eagerly. Everything in this project has been a goldmine, but I do have my favorites that I’m waiting for. Keep up the great work!
  15. Should have been the Fighting Staplers...