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Week 13 picks


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Ouch Tank, rough week?  It was for any forcaster.

I have a friend who is in one of the "Big 3" sportsline  "pick 'em" leagues - He made fun of me being in a fantasy league (I am the operator of the CFA's KC Dynamos).

My brother and I use to write our predictions down everyweek, when we were growing up.  We did it for many years.  I'll give it a shot;

Packers over the Lions

Cowboys win vs the fish

Da Bears in the cold over the redbirds

Giants win at home - buffs roughed up.

Rams dehorn the Vikes

Eagles keep rolling, cage Carolina cats

Saint keep marching in - redskins stink!

Oakland wins ugly vs the D-ponies

Bucs beat intra state rival Jax

Houston edges hurt falcons

Bengals hang on vs The steel mill

Manning & colts revolt against the Pats

Quote the Raven nevermore - gold rushers don't pan out!

Seabirds make Browns see Red in the great NW.

KC enjoys a win in the Sun of SD. S'Deigo needs to find the energizer bunny soon!

Titans roll behind Eddie George's 2 TD runs & 132 yds. Jets are grounded!

Happy Thanksgiving TANK :D

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