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I haven't quite been the busiest around here in terms of presenting any ideas or concepts, but I recently finished a design for a fanasty team concept and thougth "what the hell?" lets stick it out there.

My idea came out of a fantasy road hockey team a few friends an I had; the Humewood Lakers (named after the street I live on) Initally, the logo idea wa a rip-off of the Nordiques but in purple red and yellow. I went through a few variations till I came up with this concept,

Humewood Lakers

Worked on them some more, made new, bigger editions, more refined and crisper. I used the idea for my team in the IHL, and finalized my designs at last. The "Lakers" script logo came to me while I was doodleing in law class one day, and was drawn pixel by pixel in good old MSPaint. The red alternate is a retro look back to my origonal design

The Vancouver Lakers

Questions/Comments, all are welcome,Thanks for listenin!

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