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Seahawks concept.


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this concept uses 5 diff. colors all together. seahak blue, lime green, silver, navy blue, and black. i kept the seahawk blue as the home jersey an instead of the stripes on the pants and jerseys being black with lime green in betwwen i kept one stripe black and changed the other one to navy. i added silver pants , and i mostly like every pant and jersey combo except for blue on blue, which is still not that bad. For the numbers i added some lime green as an outline. And i made an alternate and special fashion jersey. if u dnt like the fashion jersey i understand but its just meant to be something extra, and not to really be worn on the field.

and dont worry to tell me that i need to put a last name script on the back of the jersey, i was kinda in a rush to show what i did, but if i were to revise my concept i'll put the name on.


c&c please, and 1 more thing. i want your suggestions on what helmet i should use the current one, or the silver prototype 1?

thank you


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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