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No CAVS Retro?

Burning River

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Tonight the Cavaliers are in thier home whites against the Hawks. It was to be a Retro Orange uniform night. I wonder what happened... I'll hear or read something and post it.

When I first flipped the game on I was thinking: "NO!! Those are all wrong. Those are WAY too red."

Then I realized the Hawks were in thier away reds.

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Whoops... My Bad. From cavs.com:

"This season the LeBron James bobblehead will feature the Hardwood Classics look wearing the orange retro uniform from the Cavaliers 1986-87 season. It?s a preview of this season?s Hardwood Classics games where Cavs players will wear the uniform for six games, the first being on December 6th vs. the Toronto Raptors."

I guess I learned "what they say about assuming..."

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