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Coal Region/District 4 H.S. Football v2.0

Camden Crazy

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About a year ago, I saw TheFlameofAtlanta do a project on his local high school football teams and decided to do one on my own, tradition-rich area. At the time I thought they looked good, but after seeing the C&C and looking at them again last week, I saw that they were very sloppy and could be much better. I feel I have made some strides in MS Paint designing since then, so I decided to give it another try. You can see the first version here: http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?sh...c=20089&hl=

I have made some changes as far as teams in this one. Gone is Berwick, and in is Mount Carmel. I did this because none of the other teams that I did play Berwick, and I know we (Bloomsburg) and almost all of the others did. Plus they are in the heart of the "Coal Region".

My school: Bloomsburg Panthers


The first thing I did was just take the helmet we currently wear and stick with it. I think it's a great look, and hopefully we keep it for awhile. I did overhaul the uniforms though. One thing I did was add more black. Currently our school board is trying to get rid of black in all of our sports uniforms because our "official" school colors are just red and white, but everyone likes the black (myself included). Our real away pants, but I changed them to black to help match the helmet better. I also came up with something I'd love our school to do, and that's wear an all-black alternate. I think it looks pretty bad ass myself.

Our biggest rival: Central Columbia Blue Jays


Ah yes, the losers we beat 29-0 this season and the team that's 2-18 in their last two seasons. I wanted so bad to screw them up completely, but for the sake of the project I thought I'd make something nice. One thing was to make a blue jay head logo, which they don't have currently. On their real helmets, they have UConn's "C" logo, but I switched it to a blue jay because I think it looks better. The uniforms they have are also really plain and boring, so I just added some shoulder and pant striping which makes it look a ton better IMO.

Our other rival, going for their 5th straight state championship: Southern Columbia Tigers


They already have very nice unis as is, but I decided to make some changes. The most obvious feature is the tiger striping down the sides and on the collars. I couldn't quite get it to look like authentic tiger stripes, but I think I got the point across. I also added monochrome white jerseys which they do not have in real life, and I think it looks better than their current aways. The "55-17" patch on the shoulder is a patch they wear to remember two players that were killed two summers ago.

Our newly formed rival: Danville Ironmen


We just renewed an old rivalry that stretched from the early 1900's to the 1990's this year, and we beat them 6-0. I know a lot of people are going to bitch about the Arm & Hammer logo, but that is what they use now, and I think it fits in somewhat. On their current uniforms they have no orange at all, and I thought it'd be a great idea to add some. I tried an orange jersey like in the original project, but I decided it was a little too bright and Oregon-esque for my liking. I also added some striping to the helmet and purple away pants.

The last two, Mount Carmel and Vo-Tech, are in the next post.

C&C would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully these are all better than my first version.

The team that beat us in OT thanks to refs: Mount Carmel Red Tornadoes


This game pissed me off, a 12-6 OT loss in which the refs gave them an extra 2 yards on 4th and short. As for the uniforms though, I only made some minor changes to what they really have. The jerseys have the double shoulder stripes, but the pants and helmets do not, so I thought matching them up would be nice. Also, their helmet has no logo on it currently, leaving a blank red helmet, so I added their tornado logo. I know, they're the Red Tornadoes and the tornado is white, but it's white in almost every logo they use. Other than that, nothing major.

Usually bad team we all beat up on but was good this year: Columbia-Montour Vo-Tech Rams


I think other than the Bloomsburg concept, this is my favorite. Their current uni's are green with the top of the shoulders being black, which is pretty ugly IMO. I took that out and put in the side and front stripes for the home and away jerseys. I know the logo is based off of Virginia Tech, but that is what they have on the helmets and jerseys now. I also put in the fading helmet stripe to match with the jerseys and pants.

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