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Apocalypse Now is my attempt to give teams that have "untouchable" designs a more modern look. With that said, I would never want any of these teams to actually change their looks so please no "Team X could never wear something like this!" remarks, please. This project isn't about throwing out tradition, it's about exploring the roads that aren't traveled for teams that have stayed on the same uniform path.

The first team up is the Nebraska Cornhuskers, I really wanted to use some black in this set as a nod to the blackshirt tradition of the Nebraska defense. The addition of black does kind of make it look like NC State, but with so many teams in NCAA, it's hard not to look like someone anyway. I also switched to the N that Nebraska uses for most of its logo purposes because I think it fills out the helmet better. Finally, I went with a 3 stripe motif, because Adidas is the outfitter for Nebraska.

With that said, Here are the new look Nebraska Cornhuskers:


NOTE: I haven't forgotten about the endzone project, which I plan to finish Thanksgiving break.

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I saw this topic and immediately said Nebraska was going to be in this set. I LOVE the black jersey and I would like NU to wear one sometime. I know this is the supposed to change the "untouchables" but Nebraska isn't Nebraska without our "N". Other than that I wouldn't mind seeing us in these.

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