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My college football award


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well folks, its that heisman trophy time of the year and i'd like to share with you a tradition i started over 4 years ago. its called the Mike Tiufekchiev Award for College Footbal Excellence, or the "2fey". 2fey award winners get the great prize of my respect and admiration. i always award the 2fey on the day before the heisman trophy is awardes. past winners are Michael Vick (1999), LaDanian Tomlinson (2000), Joey Harrington (2001), and Carson Palmer (2002). This year i narrowed it down to 6 finalists and then gave my award...

the finalists are...

Ben Rothlisberger, QB Miami-OH (ok, i'm a homer, but he deserves to at least be a finalist)

Chris Perry, RB, Michigan

Eli Manning, QB, Ole Miss

Jason White, QB, Oklahoma

Darren Sproles, RB, Kansas St.

Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh

and the winner is...

Eli Manning, QB, Ole Miss

congratulations Eli on a great season and great career.

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