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Viking hockey version 2


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Link working for me as of 12:12 CDT.

Next time, don't bother with the new thread... scientific research has proven that it doesn't increase your viewings or replies. Okay, maybe there hasn't been any scientific research, but it's just nicer to have it all under one topic. Less board clutter, less jumping back and forth, and the people who view it are the people who cared enough to view it last time.

In regards to this one. Is that a glow effect on the dark jerseys' logos? Because I think a simple outline would be simpler for the producers of the jersey? :;): I'm pretty sure that's what you meant to do regardless. Anyway, it looks quite a bit better... the outlining is quite a bit more consistent, and the jerseys are still nice. The black jersey could use a touch of yellow here and there.

Too bad it couldn't go anywhere, because the Kings' guy really translates well into Viking form. Excellent work rheistad.

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