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My padres x-over


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It happens. Everyone's probably at home celebrating, with just a quick look to see what's going on here and logging off. I like the jersey, it's a little simple. Pens' template works here, IMO. I'd like to see shoulder numbers and secondary logos.
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26 views and no replies? ???

A hint... make it a link... makes it a lot easier to copy ('cause we can right click, copy shortcut, and paste it in address, or eve click and drag).

Like me... if I hadn't felt like responding, I wouldn't have done the work to see the jersey.

I think this ideas been done before... I also think I remember seeing the friar with skates on... interesting concept, but the jersey cut's not original and it's a little pixelated around the text and numbers (also no sleeve numbers), which are some other reasons you may not get much feedback.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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