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NBA authentic lettering


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alright...so I just got an absolutely beautiful piece of work in the mail today, a Trail Blazers authentic jersey from last year, away black with "Portland" on the front. e-bay is beautiful, etc. etc.

anyways...part of the reason I got a deal on it through fleabay is because it's a blank. And, yes, I want it customized (that it's in the new away = city name style for the NBA as of last year means I can put one of our good rookies' names and numbers on it without being inaccurate; if it said "Blazers" instead I'd have to go for the Sabonis throwback)...with as authentic number and name font as possible.

this should be an easy question: got links for this? I know a few guys here have experience with this for hockey jerseys, but anyone with NBA jersey experience? will the team store (if the Blazers even really have one...which I still honestly have not yet determined, haven't been by the Rose Garden in non-game situations) customize my jersey for a nominal fee? What magic keywords reveal the secrets of lettering sets on eBay, and what kind of stitching are they?

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