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MLB Schedule makers.What are they thinking.


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No one has answered the question that if baseball indeed a cold weather sport , then why are all spring trainings for every major league minors through majors held in warm weather climates? Also why is fall baseball played in Arizona? I f you ask any major league player if he would like to play in warm weather or cold weather ,what do you think his answer would be.

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If we go south, the best tradition in all of baseball would be lost. The Reds always open the season at home.

This tradition is alreay dead and buried. The Reds used to be the first team to play every season, now they don't even play on the first day.

With 162 games played in a season, starting the first two weeks on the road is not a huge handicap. I doubt the games lost on the road that first two weeks would really put a team so behind that they couldn't catch up.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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