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Hey, I'm gonna see you on the "Flipsyde"


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BREAKING NEWS! Commissioner Raps has just gotten word that the Oakland Athletics are the owners of team Flipsyde. This request is waiting approval from commissioner Raps. However, first here are the teams that are already completed:



Stones Throw Records


Black Eyed Peas

Introduction: Flipsyde. Flipsyde is a group of four people from Oakland, California, hence why the A's want to be the owners of the team. The four guys who make up Flipsyde are Steve Knight, Dave Lopez, Jinho "Piper" Ferreira, and DJ D-Sharp. Now, these guys came out with their debut album in 2005, "We The People". Last year, I found out about Flipsyde and I have to say, I listened to the heck out of this album. There was not a clunker it at all and I liked every song. Nowadays, I usually just listen to a few songs by Flipsyde, but every now and then I'll catch myself listening to those other songs that I don't listen to as much anymore. Flipsyde did gain some national notoriety when their single "Someday" was chosen as the theme song of the 2006 Winter Olympics.

The uniforms: Well, what we are using here are the colors of dark green, gold (almost a wine, hey, lets call it Flipsyde Wine for the sake of this concept) and a lighter green. The darker and lighter green remind ome of the Black Eyed Peas double blue and even the Dallas Mavericks double blue. These three colors I previously mentioned can be found on their album cover for "We The People". These colors give Flipsyde that Dallas Stars vibe. I can't think of any other team right now in sports with a similar colors scheme, but then again it is 4:48 in the morning and I've been up all day (thank you insomnia.) If you can think of another team, shoot, go ahead.

The home uniform: Flipsyde logo, which is a star, outlined in white on a dark green jersey. Flipsyde wordmark on the bottom of the jersey, similar to the Los Angeles Kings unis and the Buffalo Sabres old alternate unis. You know, the red ones with the two sabres crossed on the front that they used from, I'm pretty sure since 2000-01 and were discontinued after last season when they lost in the Eastern Conference Finals to Carolina 4 games to 3. Awwww yeah, I do enjoy the striping pattern here. It has a nice vibe, and I think the colors contrast nicely to give a clean, vibrant look. The sleeves start out in that lighter green, then have a white stripe going diagonal, followed by a thick Flipsyde Wine stripe which contains the white numbers outlined in dark green. After that, there is another white stripe, followed by the dark green which makes up the torso and is the primary color in this uniform. On the back of the uniform, the name and number are white outlined in FS Wine. Collar is FS Wine and is tie down, ala the New York Rangers. You may notice the Oakland A's cap logo as the shoulder patch on the right shoulder. Well, they want to own the team, so they want to put their insignia on the jerseys too, to get their name out there more. Smart marketing. The Milwaukee Brewers do the same, putting their ball-in-glove logo on the unis for the Milwaukee Admirals, of the AHL. Domes are green, socks are green with an FS Wine/light green/white/light green/FS Wine striping pattern. The gloves are dark green and FS Wine. As for the pants, heh heh, dark green, but with the Flipsyde star logo on the left pant leg. I am not big on having a logo more than once on the same uniform (unless they are shoulder patches), but the pants would have looked so plain. It's not like FS has a straight uniform striping, it's diagonal which flows beautifully with this concept, but with no straight stripes anywhere, the pants would have looked plain as hell.

The away uniform: Really the same as the home. That's what I like and think home and away uniforms should like. Almost a carbon copy of each other, just with colors switched around of course (on alternates you can do the same, or think way outside of Pandora's Box if you want, but either way I love these aways.) Pretty much, white and dark green switch places while light green is eliminated. Not much else to say for these babies.

The home alternate uniform: Can you say FS Wine? I bet you can. You ain't be needin' no Hooked On Phonics fo' that. FS Wine, heh heh, so divine. It's like, unique, you know. Kind of how the Dallas Stars tinkered with a gold alternate a few years back. Well, these aren't really gaudy, plus the fact that the stiriping pattern is the same as it is on the primaries, makes it look good IMO (or perhaps tolerable if you ain't the biggest fan of FS Wine. Well of course the colors were switched around here to bring out the FS Wine color. It's not really an all gold/wine look. You could imagine how the NO Saints would look in gold jerseys, pants, socks, and helmets. Not good, I would think. While the jersey, helmets, and socks are FS Wine, I think the dark green pants off set the abundance of FS Wine.

Bring the C & C, if you wish. Thanks for reading.

In some more breaking news, commissioner Raps has just approved the Oakland Athletics as the new owners of team Flipsyde, in case there was any doubt about that topic.


(and no, I don't think the phrase FS Wine would catch on as much as Bucco B's Ericcson Cellphone Blue.) :D

Primary Uniforms:


Alternate Uniform:


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