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Atlanta falcons uni help


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Looks like the 25th anniversary Atlanta Falcons patch. It would be from 1990, their 25 season. This info is taken from the Falcons website:

"In 1990, the Falcons once again wore black jerseys as they did in their inaugural years. The 1990 season marked Atlanta's 25th anniversary season in the NFL, and the team wore a commemorative patch on their left shoulder."

The football uniforms website doesn't show the patch, but it would be what they have in 1990 with a small patch on the top left, like what you showed in ebay.

Back-to-Back Fatal Forty Champion 2015 & 2016

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There are two discrepancies from this e-bay jersey and an authentic.  In 1990, the numbers would have been screened, not sewn-on, and the manufacturer would have been Champion, not NIKE.
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