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My 1st Jersey

i am what i am

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Ok, the one thing here is that you NEED to give credit for your logos if you take them from someone else. Otherwise you'll be called out on it for stealing.

Moving on, I'd suggest implementing more gold and adding a shoulder patch.

Other than that, very well done. Especially for your first concept.

Why? Nobody credits the logo designers on other concepts. I don't know who designed the original Bruins logo. Should I credit him if I do a Bruins concept?

He said it was a jersey concept, not a logo concept.

When you're using logos created by fellow CCSLC members that are not being used by the teams they designed them for, then yes you should give credit.

As for the jersey, I'm a fan of the Sabres old look but it needs some more gold. It still needs a shoulder patch. Slapping a different logo on an existing jersey isn't a "concept". Not trying to be mean, just stating a fact.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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