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Here's a little preview of it. If you couldn't tell, I am in a productive mood and I have insomnia for the 2nd times in 4 days.

I got the index all done and I will begin converting all the files to this new layout tomorrow. ... If I'm alive.

The old design was nice but extremely primitive. This is just as primitive except it looks better because I actually spent time on the graphics and such. (read: I did the gradients in Word. lol) I'm not sold on the final font set up on the banner so if you have any suggestions, I'll gladly take them.

C&C, please.


Athletic Director: KTU Blue Grassers Football

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I would have to say, the Yellow is coming out a bit too bright, specifically trying to read the player's name and jersey number under featured profile.

I would probably got with a bit more defined border along the top seperating navigation and content, as well as another border splitting content from the profile.

As for the standings, I would put the standings in their own colums, so Wins are a column, losses are a column and so on.

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