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  1. Nah, that’s a legit thing. UF sponsored a bid in the early 90s to get FSU in the SEC but since then, there has been a pact between UK, UGA, UF, and USC to keep their in-state rivals out. I think the most threatened of the group was UK wanting Louisville to keep “little brother” status and not being a power conference. They want to play their in-state rivals, yes, but they don’t want their chance to have bragging rights getting in the way of their conference championship odds. The last round of expansion rumors, the FSU-Clemson plus whoever to the Big 12 deal (was a legit discussion but I don’t know how close it ever got) was largely because the Big 12 was on the prowl and trying to not die but to also get back at the SEC and get into their markets. The Petty Four were definitely part of the reason none of UofL, FSU, GT, or Clemson didn’t take A&M or Mizzou’s spots but, yeah, TV markets played a large factor too.
  2. And? Vandy wouldn’t be able to join the SEC right now either.
  3. I believe the plan is expansion and not relo. Throw Manchester in, maybe eventually another Canadian ECHL team if there’s a suitable arena that doesn’t have or losses the QMJHL and you’ve got a great bus league of a division. Newfoundland would still be on a bit of an island but Brampton, Trois-Rivieres, Maine, Manchester, Worcester, Adirondack, and a potential new Canadian team would be a neatly contained circuit.
  4. Cincinnati’s hang up would be Nippert’s size. I could see the SEC giving it a sniff but they’re not gonna play every game at Paul Brown and Nippert can’t really be expanded. I don’t see UCF, Houston, or Memphis simply because they don’t bring new markets. If the UVA-VT legal pairing could be ended, NCSU and VT would be great gets for the SEC. That or one of the two and WVU. Honestly, I could see the SEC picking off one or two ACC teams, the ACC going after Cinci (bring back the Keg of Nails), maybe UCONN if they can get their ish together in football, and perhaps a school like Memphis (former Metro rivals of Louisville, Cinci, VT, and Florida State; gets them into Tennessee; and they’ve already bent a little on academics with Louisville). If they needed a fourth school, maybe school like App State to strengthen the football membership and reestablish having four North Carolina schools. All of this assumes ND to the B1G obviously.
  5. So Long Island University announced that they're adding D1 men's hockey to go with their brand spanking new women's team that debuted in 2019-20. The press release said they'd start competition in 2020-21. Problem is... they don't have a coach, they don't have a lease for a rink, they don't have a club team to draw players from to help with the transition. The two most recent additions to NCAA D1 hockey (Penn State and Arizona State) both played a transitional season with their top club players, transfers, and D1 level recruits before playing a full D1 schedule. Illinois will likely follow this route when they eventually announce. If Navy ever does transition, they'll go this route. LIU seems to be incredibly naive in this move. The recruitment questionnaire says 2021-22 but last I checked the press release on the school's athletics website still says 2020-21. Schedules are 98% set for D1 so good luck filling a full schedule. If they are planning a transitional year, good for them but nothing on their website or any media coverage mentions that. Also, the release said a national search would be done for a head coach then the next day the AD said they already had a handful of top candidates. How are you going to get a decent coach with no rink and not a ton of funding. It seems they looked at the costs of their women's team and figured they could run a successful men's team for the same amount. Supposedly the total coaching budget, for a head and two assistants, is on $150k. The HC will almost certainly have to make less than $100k and there are assistants who will make more than that. If they want to be successful, they'll need more money allocated and fast.
  6. From what I've seen and heard, this is an "option" because the relationship between Charlotte and Carolina has deteriorated. Whether that's front office or more on the ownership side, I'm not sure but given Dundon's history, it wouldn't surprise me if he's pissed someone else off.
  7. Diaz should have stayed at Temple. When Temple is a better chance to win and better run program than Miami, that tells you everything you need to know.
  8. ... I just ... I still don't like this new logo.
  9. Boise was passed up for a reason. The owner of the Steelheads and the staff think they've found a model that works there. Increasing ticket prices to support an AHL team likely wouldn't fly. Also, from what I've seen/heard, the owner wasn't too keen on turning over hockey ops, if not all ops, to Seattle.
  10. The money in Texas is bonkers. Meanwhile here in the Florida panhandle, my alma mater might not be playing in their own stadium this season because it's old as hell and they've never really made major renovation to the structure. Mainly because the locals in the area are extremely right leaning so raising taxes to do anything? That's the devil. But they're also the same ones complaining that the school board has let the stadium get so bad.
  11. Your hate for Willie must be based solely on overall record. Take a look at what he's actually done. Yeah, your overall record is gonna take a hit when you're taking over massive rebuilding jobs.
  12. Merch sales. The jerseys that will be sold this season are already in stores.
  13. Ooof. You'll regret this take in time. If you want to hurry that along, research the origin of the term student-athlete. It's hit or miss depending on the sport and which school. Hockey isn't a money maker everywhere, even perennial powers, but it is at some. Some baseball programs turn a profit. Some basketball programs lose money.