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  1. At this point, he's gotta be worried about the same thing Bowden was. He's afraid he'll die shortly after he quits coaching. That's what happened to Bear and Bobby didn't want to be like Bear.
  2. Correct, the old white helmets were never worn on field, not even for spring games. It was only busted out for recruits, like this new one is here. The guy in the photo is the top rated recruit in the Noles' class, and #3 in the country on the 247 Composite, Travis Hunter. As such, I'm skeptical those even see the field.
  3. TSL supposedly continuing and Fox having an ownership stake in the new USFL tells me that the Fox-XFL relationship is no more. I wonder if the XFL will head to NBC. Yes, NBCSN is dying but NBC will have slots to fill during the spring with no NHL and they could put games on USA and Peacock.
  4. Former AHL markets have a hard time keeping fans coming to the games when they go to the Coast. I'm sure this will go over well. Supposedly the arena has an out clause for an ECHL and AHL replacement. I just don't know iif having a Fed team for year will really be that beneficial.
  5. The BYU bibs Nike decided to have some schools were different colored sleeves. I remember VT, U of Miami, and UF. UF had by far the worst looking one because there was nother other design element acting as a border (Miami and VT had piping).
  6. Esche likely registered it just in case the negotiations with New Jersey didn't go well and they couldn't keep the Comets name.
  7. The NCAA is just the schools themselves, really. Getting mad at the NCAA is like getting mad at Gary Bettman, he's really just a puppet for what the owners want. Don't get me wrong, the NCAA is a bloated incompetent organization and that's kinda by design. The presidents/chancellors/whatever like Mark Emmert because he's one of them and they like what he does for the most part because they don't know better. The ADs are less than enthused and think he shouldn't have been extended. That said, their bosses are his bosses so they have to fall in line. The Penn State situation will play a part but the fact that these hostesses exist in some form or fashion at almost all, if not all, FBS institutions and a lot of the upper tier FCS schools too. The staff soliciting students for sexual favors though... oof.
  8. How long until the Pacific AHL teams actually break away and form their own league. They've been given a decent bit of autonomy/preferential treatment already.
  9. Do well for them where? They're killing off NBCSN and that's why they were lowballing the NHL, they were only gonna air a smallish number of games on big NBC and everything else would have been on Peacock.
  10. Um ... I need one of those ... and a honey butter chicken biscuit.
  11. No update on the name right now but the arena is on pace to start construction next month as planned.
  12. Looks like Sacramento is still trying to make a go of it. I still get TeamWork Online emails and today I got one saying they’re taking applications for the role of Manager, Member Services.
  13. My Facebook memories reminded me of one. For those who don't know, I used to work for the Pensacola Ice Flyers. In the SPHL, teams wear white at home in the playoffs. This is a thing that is just known, especially if you're a legacy team. Pensacola's owner grew up a fan of the Winnipeg Jets so Whiteout the Hangar is a BIG deal. Knoxville is one of those legacy teams. They predate the SPHL and are one of only three original teams left. They showed up for game one of the semifinal with their white jerseys. Both teams came out for warmups and our entire staff immediately thought, "umwut." Knoxville's GM pretended it was an accident but you know damn well what you're doing with that. Pensacola changed into their navy jerseys after warmies. Greg, the owner, is extremely superstitious and the jersey switch sure didn't help. Neither did losing our only game of the post season. I don't have access to the photos of it anymore but our photographers never took photos during warm ups but that night I had hundreds of photos showing both teams in white to sift through.
  14. They'd definitely be a fit when it comes to culture. The issue would be Gentile Arena would be the smallest arena in the conference. I don't know if they could go the St. John's/Nova route and play some games on-campus and big games at an off-campus arena. The United Center and Allstate Arena are both about 30 minutes from campus so it might be doable.
  15. Atlantic Hockey is looking to expand. They might add one, two, or three teams. For those who don't keep up with NCAA hockey, AHA has 11 teams including Air Force and Army. The leading candidates are Alabama-Huntsville (currently in the WCHA but being orphaned because the other 7 members decided they wanted to jetison the Chargers so they formed a new league), Long Island U (who were in their first season this year and had a scheduling agreement with AHA this year), and Navy (they were closing to announcing a move to varsity before the pandemic and who knows what's up now). With 11 teams, I'd say one or three is more likely than two.
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