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  1. Diaz should have stayed at Temple. When Temple is a better chance to win and better run program than Miami, that tells you everything you need to know.
  2. ... I just ... I still don't like this new logo.
  3. Boise was passed up for a reason. The owner of the Steelheads and the staff think they've found a model that works there. Increasing ticket prices to support an AHL team likely wouldn't fly. Also, from what I've seen/heard, the owner wasn't too keen on turning over hockey ops, if not all ops, to Seattle.
  4. The money in Texas is bonkers. Meanwhile here in the Florida panhandle, my alma mater might not be playing in their own stadium this season because it's old as hell and they've never really made major renovation to the structure. Mainly because the locals in the area are extremely right leaning so raising taxes to do anything? That's the devil. But they're also the same ones complaining that the school board has let the stadium get so bad.
  5. Your hate for Willie must be based solely on overall record. Take a look at what he's actually done. Yeah, your overall record is gonna take a hit when you're taking over massive rebuilding jobs.
  6. Merch sales. The jerseys that will be sold this season are already in stores.
  7. Ooof. You'll regret this take in time. If you want to hurry that along, research the origin of the term student-athlete. It's hit or miss depending on the sport and which school. Hockey isn't a money maker everywhere, even perennial powers, but it is at some. Some baseball programs turn a profit. Some basketball programs lose money.
  8. Copyright laws wouldn't be the issue. Nike tripping over their own dick and not wanting to stick an NFL team in a look they made for a college team would be the only hurdle.
  9. That anniversary logo looks familiar...
  10. That doesn't make it better. If you measuring stick for right and wrong (or bush league and not bush league) is the NCAA, ...
  11. I love the colored fields. All of them. EWU, UCA, Coastal Carolina, Boise, all of them. The only thing bush league was when the MWC banned them from wearing all blue on a blue field while teams like Hawaii or Colorado State could theoretically wear all green on green fields (and have). When you objectively look at it, it's just arbitrary to have green turf simply because grass is green. Wood is shades of brown but we still have different colors of basketball courts. It's not bush league, you just don't like change.
  12. Bennigans. Come on, y'all. The e-vite clearly states Bennigans.