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  1. It's just an AQ. Most of the time, it's going to be 12 but if it's a year like where Cinci was #4, they'll most likely be higher than 12.
  2. You know they only did it because of the backlash they got after OJ died. If it was related to NIL and the changed fan attitude toward player compensation, why wait until now?
  3. As dumb as it sounds to say the GOR isn't an actual grant of all rights, a big part of Clemson's claim is that the GOR itself states that it is specifically for the ACC-ESPN deal. Their argument is that if you're no longer ACC, the ACC deal doesn't apply to you.
  4. It's going to be a rebuilding year but FSU has done a great job filling holes in the portal. You seem to be basing your stance on one exhibition game where FSU's sole motivation was a bowl check. Norvell is about as honest as they come with his players and was 100% on board with any player who wanted to sit that game out to protect their own futures.
  5. Don't forget. Bama hires South Alabama's HC as DC and Buffalo's HC as a defensive assistant. This is a full-blown trend at this point. It used to be you'd go G5 to work on your HC chops but now you're seeing these G5 coaches thinking their best shot at a P5 (or whatever it'll be now) will be to be already working for a team in the group.
  6. This might be the final nail in the coffin for nearby Peoria. The arena management wants to get rid of the team and the fans had to fight like hell just to have a season this year/get a new ice plant. The management still hasn't purchased the new ice plant and have scheduled events for this summer (the plan was for the installation to take place this summer). Having a Coast team less than 40 miles away might just do them in should the arena renovations not actually happen.
  7. There was a Twitter, a Facebook, and Instagam with the Bison name. It's gone now but there were edits to the team's Wikipedia page that said the Bisons name and that the team would be affiliated with St. Louis.
  8. Flight suits and the planes, The number font on the bank is the same as the number on the tails of the planes. They look so good and all my friends I talked to that were there say they looked so much better in person.
  9. WKU wanted to join the MAC the last time but MTSU was scared so they :censored:ed themselves into staying in CUSA. The leadership in that athletic department is highly questionable.
  10. If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying. I'm glad this is overtaking the Auburn-Florida State national championship game as the most recent nation sign stealing story.
  11. They never stopped allowing it. There was a certain sect of people, myself included, who interpreted the AHL's rules as saying you needed an affiliation to join the league but you're not required to maintain membership.
  12. What UAH hockey team? There hasn't been varsity hockey at UAH since 2021. Admittedly, I don't travel in athletic circles locally but there's no chatter around town of UAH going D1.
  13. I love how we look now. This game looks so much better than last year's edition. I just wish our offense could get a little more going,
  14. Most AHL players are on NHL contracts and often provide the GM of the AHL team meaning they're the ones calling the shots for players on AHL contracts too. In the ECHL, there's a growing amount of influence but it's still a majority of the league that's on ECHL contracts without being guided by an NHL team's whims.
  15. Yeah, none of Utah, Zona, or ASU want to be the one to break up the Pac-12. It's either they all go or none of them go.
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