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My First Concept- Tampa Bay Rays


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Hey everyone, I've had some Tampa Bay Rays logo ideas kinda floatin' around lately, but hadn't put them down on paper in color until today. What i have is a hat logo in the proposed new colors, and a patch logo that assumes that they become sun rays rather than stingrays. Please excuse the poor image quality as they are hand drawn, and then photographed with a camera. The hat logo is what i think to be a cool-looking letter T. The patch logo is a sun with baseball stitching to represent Florida's sunny weather.

C&C always welcome... Enjoy!

Both Logos:


Hat Logo:


Patch Logo:


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Given the limited ability to draw (no critc, I'm the same) it could help if you were explaining the main elemnts of your design and your philosophy.

FOr example, I would say the yellow is sunny, like Florida, and the SUN rays...

The T logo looks like the shape of a plane, unless it's a skinny Ray...

See what I mean?

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Yep, go with the 64-color Crayola Box next time....

In all seriousness, try to give it more of a finished feel. Things such as using a compass to make the ball or using a ruler to plot out your sun rays would give everyone on the board much more of a reson to take this (more) serious.

Go look at some of neoprankster's work. He sketches all of his concepts and he does it really nicely......

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