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  1. I'm assuming "FrozenFaceoff.net" was the source of that template. But that looks a lot like the old EA Sports NHLXX" community templatle formerly known as Breakaway.net. Then, I think they went to NHLDepot, and I think they are now wasserlasser.com
  2. Obviously it's hard to change public opinion. First, I really don't know why the colon is being used. I would consider maybe trying to add the initials PCC as part of the identity to help people remember that it is 3 words, not 2.
  3. I was just referring to Las Vegas's initials being LV... like 55.
  4. Why wouldn't Superbowl 55 be in Vegas ? (think about it...)
  5. Who would have thought that going from silver to matte would look so great??
  6. I was thinking it needed a little accent in a "warm" colour, orange? Red? Yellow?? and then BAM!!!! You nail it!
  7. Answer: "en gros". -Vente en gros (Wholesale) -Grossiste (Wholesaler) -Vente au détail (Retail sale)
  8. Really love how you simplified the logo. The one thing that always left me puzzled with many European clubs is how they have uniforms in colours that don't match their logos.
  9. I liked it until I saw it on the jerseys. I would suggest removing black from the identity altogether, and replacing it with silver.
  10. I never saw the staple, I thought if was a broken paperclip.
  11. I really don't think that "en gros" would be used as "basically" in that context. I bet you could poll dozens of francophones, and none would think of it that way. The "en gros" is definitely meant to be the "bulk" version. It's used for large surface stores, as opposed to your "mom and pop" shop. It's meant to compete with the Walmart and Costco of our world.
  12. I've heard that the name is causing some issues when using their voice enabled service, apparently, it returns some not so safe for the family images....
  13. Would love to see the light blue with the sleeves striping and regular font, and maybe a vintage Capital "A" logo helmet.
  14. I like SD in brown, but it may require the retro hat with yellow front panel....
  15. I like the use of the city flag, and the homage to the Maple Leafs Baseball Team, but no reference to "the 6ix" or "T-dot"?
  16. I am not crazy about the Primary logo. The secondary reminds me a lot of the Kyrie logo. The uniforms are to die for!!!
  17. What can I say that hasn't been said... In all concepts, the one thing I admire in your designs, likely becaus I suck at it, is how you can simply incorporate a second shade (like the bright green or the grey) to give your logos great depth. This battle was over before it started, if the Mets don't join the NHL with this identical identity, I may have to boycott my favourite sport forever.
  18. At the risk of being labelled a "tree hugger", I wil say taht "Cover th earth" needs to go, with its logo. What I see here is a giant toxic spill, And graphically, it is way too complicated/busy.
  19. OK, I know this is not a "Concept" section, but when I hear "Tune In" I agree that it should have some sort of "radio imagery", and something just popped in my mind so I put this together: https://imgur.com/a/F7Nt2
  20. The new one is way too generic. It looks like it was done through one of those "get a $5 logo" website (or whatever amount they charge). As for the old, well, having grown up in Québec, this is what I see:
  21. That Golden Gate striping maybe one of the most creative ideas I've seen in a long time, and I absolutely love it!!!
  22. Ok, first of all huge props for picking #55.... (it's my last name...) although he now plays in Arizona... I really like the idea of the flag. I think it could use a little more blue, maybe at the wrist? and the collar just reminds me of the "bad" Oilers years.
  23. I love the Canadian white (cream); almost deserves to switch the Wurth sponsorship to HBC...
  24. 2 7 3 * Ten entries, for the tenth anniversary patch? Almost too perfect...
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