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WNBA Uniform Concept Project


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I decided to give the WNBA new uniforms. Since any pro league that uses templated uniforms is kindof silly, I thought I'd change that. I've been having a bit of designers block, so this probably isn't my best work.

Monarchs - I decided to use the old Raptors colors to the full effect. Tried to keep a royalish feel through-out. Yes, I knocked off some fonts, but hey, this is fantasy land.

Storm - I utilized the swoopy piping seen on some nike uniforms and I think it fits with the Seattle theme well. I gave them a more serious looking script/font instead of the crazy mid-90 Sonics rip off font.

Liberty - I fitted them the infamous WNBA colored top, and ditched the teal. Nothing too drastic.

The other 10 teams and ASG uni's to come in the days/weeks to follow...

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