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Lids/Hat World Authentic Hat Sale


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I was in a Lids/Hat World each of the last 2 days here in Western PA, and I always make a point to look through the clearances to find hidden gems, such as the BP Phillies hat that I found earlier this year. Well, I asked the guy on Friday how recent they had the pre-2007 BP and on-field hats, because I had liked the fit of those better than the new ones, and I'm a poor college kid always looking for a good deal. He told me that most of the Lids stores here in southwest PA had sent back all of their old on-field hats by accident, but told me that they expected to possibly get them back in the stores at some point, and in the mean time also told me to look online because they had the hats I was looking for at a price of 20 dollars. Saturday evening rolls around and I happened to be in another mall (Century 3), and stopped by the Hat World downstairs there, lo and behold there's the hats I'm looking for, at GET THIS, 15 dollars!!! I was ecstatic when I saw that the deal was even better than what I was initially told, but it gets better... I could just get the 1 for 15, but the worker there tells me if I get 2, it would only be 22 dollars!!! Definitely a great day, and some unexpected hat shopping took place, and I am now the proud owner of a blue Mets hat (NO BLACK!!!), and all red Reds hat.

So definitely tell your friends if they're looking to cheaply add fitteds to their collection, because this is a deal that can't be beat (or could it... I'll tell you guys about this other store here in Western PA sometime in the next week, depending if I get to goto it again, because they had some great deals there as well)

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heh, the old caps are on the sale rack up here too...got me a Mariners cap (which was one of the few that was an 8, along with the Rockies, Orioles and D-Rays...and yes, there was only one of each). I have almost no more money, otherwise I woulda gotten the Rockies one as well.

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