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Hamilton Preators

Colorado Avalanche

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My drawings for this one suck. but i have some logo ideas that I was wondering someone could help with.

Primary Logo:

I was thinking about a large wildcat walking across some steel.

Pic I found.


but on steel and from the side of the Cat.

Secoundary Logo:

Claws cutting through the logo.

Tertiary Logo:

A hockey stick and a beam of steal forming a cross


Hamilton Preators with the two upwrites of the H being sabertooths and the P being a claw with a dot on top.

And here are the Monstrositys of a drawing:


Could I get jerseys two thanks. any colors you want and any thing you want change go for it.Thanks

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Concepts don't have to be on the computer Colorado. You seem to be pretty good at sketching your ideas out of paper. Just get out some markers or colored pencils and start playing around with color schemes and see what you come up with. Develop your own skills as a designer, don't always pass your work on to other people, you deserve to get credit for your ideas! Look at pictures for reference and see what you can do. I think you have a great idea going here! Good luck!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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