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  1. Here are a couple of my favorite local logos. Ugly Dog Distillery makes vodka, whiskey, gin and has a craft cocktail bar. Barn Sanctuary is a farm animal rescue that was the focus of the Animal Planet show Saved By The Barn.
  2. It is almost certainly a custom script, but you can probably find something similar through Dafont. Check the Gothic > Medieval section.
  3. Mow the grass near a barn swallow nest and see how intimidating they can be. They're like tiny Kamikaze pilots.
  4. I think Retro Lids needs to be a thing. A store that doesn't sell any apparel newer than 20 years ago.
  5. I have to go with the current Maple Leafs logo. It looks the best when compared to all their previous primary logos.
  6. St. Louis, San Diego, Oakland. Cities bitter with the loss of their NFL franchises. Bring back Orlando and Memphis from the original XFL.
  7. Kid Rock isn't the best choice in ANY social climate. But, nobody watches the All-Star Game for the musical entertainment. Nobody really watches the all-star game period, do they?
  8. The kerning of "hustle" could use some work. Tighten it up a bit and it would look better IMO.
  9. My only comment on the TFC kit is the dark gray of the T pattern on the home kit. Maybe bring it a bit lower on the chest so the crest and Adidas logos don't overlap it? I think that would make it look cleaner. Everything else looks fantastic!
  10. The kerning between the r and the i in Mariners is bothering me, especially right beside the space between the i and the n. Other than that I love everything!
  11. There will be closed cockpits in open wheel racing sooner rather than later, they just need to find the right solution that checks all the boxes. I think a fighter jet style canopy would look pretty badass. The Mercedes designed roll-hoop design seems pretty clunky and not a very good long-term solution.
  12. Brandon Moore (brandmooreart), Adam Walsh (missouritigers), Matt Kauzlarich (GFB), CJ Zilligen (CJWorks), Matt Willcox, Chris Clement, Greg Hahn (jaha32) all come to mind. I'm sure there's more. I'm on there too, MartinDesigned.
  13. Good. I had them turned off forever anyways. Makes the forum experience far cleaner.
  14. Looks like that dude may be making some serious cash off of it: https://www.facebook.com/royallionsfabriano http://www.asdroyallions.com/ I absolutely love Fraser's lion logo. That's always been one of my favorite logos -- not only from him, but in general. Every little "tweak" they did to differentiate it from Fraser's just made it look worse. Also, it appears that the Behance page has been taken down. I'd love to see that happen. These Royal Lion yahoos clearly don't care about stolen logos. Check out the logo they have on their uniforms (just above the ball).
  15. I'd suggest he go back to IndyCar, but rides in that series are even tighter than the openings in Nascar.
  16. 7. Anheuser-Busch is replacing Budweiser sponsorship with Busch/Busch Light on Kevin Harvick's #4 Stewart-Haas Chevrolet. The new liveries look pretty cool.
  17. Slippery Rock University (of Pennsylvania) has hosted a few "home" games at Michigan Stadium, the most recent against Mercyhurst. Read about the tradition here.
  18. Good thing only 5,000 wanted to show up!
  19. Try "Players With the Wrong BMI"... Those are his "I'm going to Checkers" shorts "They told me this photo was only from the waist up..."
  20. If the Jumpman brand had a different logo, wordmark, or ANYTHING that wasn't an iconic silhouette of a basketball player, I would be alright with this. Put it on the basketball uniforms, sure, wear Air Jordan shoes, fine, but don't put the logo on football uniforms.
  21. Fraser is aware of it, has posted on the team's Facebook page, and any post related to their logo being stolen is being deleted.
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