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Random Team Re-design No6


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St Louis Spirits played in the ABA between 1974 & 1976. I just saw their logo and thought a good concept could arise using this team.

I wanted a....kind of 1930's feel to the concept. The aeroplane I've used was originally a Bi-plane clipart. So I removed the bottom wing, added a propeller, rounded off the body and nose and it ended up looking like this. The cheery young fellow in the secondary logo is Charles Lindbergh, who flew the Spirit of St Louis over the Atlantic in 1927. This I created myself using a picture for reference and its taken 2 or 3 days to do.

Ive actually changed the name slightly as well. On the original team logo it said 'Spirits of St Louis'. I wanted to give the feeling that the team itself was the Spirit of St Louis, so I dropped the 's' off the end and renamed them 'Spirit of St Louis'. I also changed the colours to navy/gold/white to tie in with the Rams, and because I think those colours work well here.

Apologies for the distorted letters in 'Lindbergh'. MS Paint makes it hard to get an accurate and tidy looking curve, unfortunatly. Also, just quickly, im concerned some people may think im 'Patsox-ing' and posting too many concepts. The thing is, for the last few weeks, work has been exceptionaly quiet. I spent literally all day on this yesterday, and this is why I may appear to be churning them out. I only post when im 100% happy with them. Anyway, cast your eyes peeps.....




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Turk, there's a difference between spending a lot of time on a concept and doing so over and over again, and making five concepts over the course of two hours. If you have the time to do it, then go for it, I say.

I love the primary logo -- the plane is abstract, but the outline is really nice. Not a fan of the fonts, but they fit decently with your purpose.

The "Lindbergh" logo is too complicated, though. Pictures don't translate into good logos, generally speaking. While I like it, I don't think it would work here.

The uniforms are nice, actually. As for the nameplate, you may want to try doing it in WordArt on Microsoft Word (if you have it) and then copying it over to paint that way. The curve will look a little more natural.

It's pretty decent, I think. Could be better, but not bad at all.

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Cool, I'll keep doing em then! :D

With the nameplate, thats exactly what I did do!! Still came out like that!!

Have to admit, as long as the Lindbergh logo took me, and as much as I like it, I had just a shadow of doubt as to how it would work here. Thanks for the C&C dude

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Don't worry, you don't appear to be afflicted with the curse that befell He Whose Name I'm Not Mentioning. We'd let you know if you did. :P

That said, my take on your take:

LOGOS: Like the plane for its abstract design. Don't like the badge for its photorealism, amde extra jarring when placed next to the simple elegance of the plane. It'd be hard to transfer to embroidered merchandise, and I don't think I was the only 8-year old trying to draw logos by hand back in the day. I'd have given up and snapped my pencil in half trying to reproduce Lindy. Stick with the plane.

COLORS: No beefs here.

UNIFORMS: Got a little work to do here...

- WORDMARK: The 2 fonts you used don't have a lot of interplay. Also, the "St. Louis" font is a little fragile for a pro sports uniform IMO. There are a lot of thin areas and a lot of variance between thick and thin strokes, which can be hard to read on a dynamic image like a player in motion. Where's the dot in "St. Louis"?

- NUMBERS: I don't like the way they're touching and sharing an outline. Very unbefitting of a team trying to exude professionalism. It looks less like a planned design and more like sloppy work by the team tailor.

- NAMES: WAY too arched. Whether you use WordArt or not, the curve is far too steep - and Lindbergh isn't that long of a name. Try "Tskitishvili". If you feel you need more room on the back, alter your template and make the fabric cover the shoulders more. Also, is the cut of the armholes really that sharp severe angle, or is that your way of making your template stand out? If it's the former, I'd think about changing it - that would look awkward on a 3-dimensional person wearing it. Either way, you're showing a lot of scapula with the cut of this jersey, which is fixable.

Overall - I'm liking it. But I am not loving it. Yet.

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