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Johnny Cash Jersey

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I would try to change the proportions between the Silhouette and the wordmark, larger head, more to the side, smaller wordmark, lower to the middle.

I would also pick a Serif font with weight...

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That's just not a very convincing likeness. If you're going to use Cash's face, you need to use an image that is more immediately iconic of the man, rather than that particular photo with glasses that Cash didn't often allow himself to be photographed wearing. But given that you're already using his name as the primary element of the shirt, I think you'd do better not to use his face at all. A black guitar, with stark white outlines and interior elements, would probably speak more directly here. For example, here is a reproduction of the guitar Cash mostly used onstage since, geez, at least the 1980s:


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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