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  1. Love the originality of that caps set. Wish people here were a bit more open to a new idea every now and again. It's not perfect but I could totally see something like that being an iconic hockey jersey after a while. I like the meaning behind the 13 stripes, but it is a bit much, would be interesting to see if there were just 1 stripe above the wordmark, and one below... (I'm picturing a run DMC vibe) Definitely dig where it's coming from though.
  2. Some really well executed concepts in this series! Love the buffalo set. Big ups for sharing a tutorial too, will definitely be checking it out. As for my hometown Senators. I love the use of their best logo, as well as the cheststripes, I'm not sold on the gold, but I think it would really pop a lot more if the gold was used a bit more sparingly. Maybe just on the outside of the chest stripe and not in the middle as well. IMO what made their original set so great was the minimal use of gold in just the logos, but definitely think it could work subtly on the stripe. Either way, great stuff!
  3. I think the pink can totally work as a primary colour. One thing I think is missing from the logo though is the neck of the flamingo.. Could probably make it look like an 'F' or an ' f '
  4. Love this. Perfect balance between their colours, you've really nailed a timeless piece here. Great job.
  5. To me, that is the best the Senators can do with their upcoming rebrand. Really hope they see this. Perfect balance between Black, Red, Gold and White. I'd buy em both!
  6. Change the red around the NHL logo to gold, along with the drawstrings and I'd buy it! Also get that gradient on the socks as well IMO.
  7. So shanurr's been posting on the main site, then. That's Dr. Shanurr to you!
  8. Ward in a jersey almost identical to the Winnipeg Jets jersey.
  9. Since we're playing the new faces in new places game. Can someone tell me why Habs fans boo Kovalev? I don't get it, he talks nothing but good about them, and it's known that Gainey was the one who wanted to go in a different direction.
  10. Why is their a blackhawk logo in the top right corner?
  11. Double WHY?!?!?!?!?!? I guess it's only a matter of time...
  12. This is a thread for legends, not for backups who had a few successful years as a starter. Have you seen half the pictures in this thread? I'm pretty sure Huet is better at his position than Garth Brooks sporting the Padres Threads. Well to be fair I would guess he's a legend in his own right, and it's unusual to see him in a Padres jersey(That's why he's up there.) Besides Huet JUST got traded, should I put every one else who got traded this year? Montreal fans
  13. This is a thread for legends, not for backups who had a few successful years as a starter. Beat me to it Neon, I saw the picture and was ready to pounce
  14. I don't and I'm not. Anyways, one of my all-time favorites. Not mine. Seems Patsox has made the jump over to the body art industry.
  15. Real classy. Somebody has a tribal tatoo... Either that or, uh you know...
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