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Infrared's Who Am I? World Series Edition. 10/22


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1. I hit over 400 home runs in my career.

2. A prominent baseball writer called me "the most underrated player in baseball history."

3. Reggie Jackson was the first player to achieve a certain home run milestone. I was the second.

4. I played in the post season two times and I have one world series ring.

5. I was part of one of the biggest moments in baseball history.

6. I once saw a UFO.

Who Am I?

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Wow, That didn't take long. Yes it is Darrell Evans.

Bill James called him the most underrated player in baseball history.

He was the second player to hit 100 home runs with three different teams.

Played in the post season with Detroit in '84 & '87.

Was on first base when Hank Aaron hit number 715.

Claims he saw a UFO in 1982.

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The UFO part I actually wasn't aware of -- did the guy ever present any proof, or was he just out of his mind?

He simply said that he and his wife saw one once. It came up in an interview during the 1984 season. As far as I know he isn't some UFO buff or part of the tin-foil hat crowd. Just a guy and his wife seeing something weird in the sky one night.

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