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  1. Nothing turning a gorilla loose wouldn't solve.
  2. Don't get mad at me for asking, but how so? I'm genuinely curious to hear your answer.
  3. I see one of those "brother I never knew I had" shows in their future.
  4. You could say the same thing about Ernie Banks. A more modern example might be Ichiro.
  5. Mostly by hack Sports Journalist-Americans. I'm willing to risk it.
  6. The access would still remain equal. We'd just lose the dick waving. I'd call that a win all around.
  7. It's not. I spent a few years covering games in MiLB, the IHL, and NCAA Football and Basketball. The absolute worst thing about the job was going into the clubhouse right after the game ended. The team doesn't want you there, odds are that you're not going to get any worthwhile info, and it's about as uncomfortable a situation as I've ever been in. The same players who were totally cool with talking to you before a game hated your guts after a game. Being in the locker room right after a game is straight up weird. I never got used to it and I've never understood why sports writers think it's so important. The player who hits the walk off HR or scores the game winning TD isn't going to forget all about it 30 minutes after the game. If anything, they're more likely to give better quotes if you give them a little space. FWIW, the best post game interview I ever got was with Syracuse Crunch goalie, Mike Fountain. It took place in the parking garage a good hour after the game was over. I'd bet anything that he would not have been as friendly or accommodating if he'd had to answer my questions right after he got out of the shower.
  8. The 80's Browns had Robert E. Jackson and Robert L. Jackson.
  9. No need to apologize. It was totally tongue-in-cheek. I wasn't serious. Hell, I've never even been to Kansas City.
  10. The MLB draft has like 75 rounds so I'd say the odds are decent that it's happened at least once in all these years.
  11. We do have lots of grit and plenty of whatnot. Too much if I'm being honest. I think of us as more like a large scale version of Mansfield except without the prison.
  12. No one talks smack about the Paris of the Midwest and gets away with it.
  13. Because we are a benevolent other Paris, Toledo will allow you to be the Paris of the Plains.
  14. That's rich coming from a guy who lived in Kansas City. Kansas City? Really? Forget Paris, Kansas City would be thrilled to be the East Rutherford, NJ of the Midwest. Michigan was ready to go to war with Ohio to keep Toledo. Missouri offered Kansas City to Kansas for free and Kansas said "No thanks, we're don't want an eyesore screwing up the look of our miles and miles of nothingness." By my estimation, you drove through my hometown on I-75. You basically saw nothing but the industrial part of our fine city. Based on those eight miles, you decide the entire city is a sinkhole. Frankly, I am offended. I think you owe me and my fellow Toledoans an apology.
  15. You mean it isn't? It is, but we like to keep quiet about it.
  16. Those people knew the risks going in. To borrow a phrase....The GTOV is a cruel and shallow money trench, a large and unforgiving arena where Bears whacked on cocaine and turkey f***ers run free. It's a place where friendly Thunder Bay rams and Baby Yoda die like dogs. There's also a downside.
  17. Totally forgot about Art Schlichter. That being said, according to Pro Football Reference, Schlichter played 13 games in the NFL. 3 TDs and 11 INTs. He was 0-6 as a starter. Craig Krenzel had a better NFL career and he only lasted one season.