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  1. Quite a few, actually. This is the first you’ve noticed us?
  2. Probably not for the same reasons you are worried about them, but yeah.
  3. Who knows? Maybe my Blue Jackets will end your nightmare.
  4. So who had Columbus, Carolina, and Colorado all playing in round two?
  5. That was one helluva stretch of Stanley Cup Playoffs hockey we saw in this one, boys.
  6. It’s going to take a minute to get where I’m going here, but I think it works in relation to Vegas fans. Back when I was living in Syracuse, my gf was a law student at SU. Another friend of ours from Ohio was also attending SU. Long story short, spring semester was over and our friend, a few SU law students, my GF, and I were all discussing what we were going to over the summer. Our Ohio friend says “I don’t know what to do, I can’t find a job here and I don’t want to move back to Toledo just to get a job for three months. At this point one of the law students chimes in with this “if you’re not sure, why don’t you just travel for the summer?” The “just travel” girl is my idea of a Vegas fan. No idea how the real world works.
  7. I figured scoring four times on a five minute major didn't happen often, but am I reading your post correctly, is this just the third time it's happened?
  8. I'm no hockey expert, but I think you just described the entire history of the Sharks in four sentences.
  9. You've got to be -ing kidding me. If the Sharks end up losing this game...
  10. Before tonight, has anyone here ever seen a team score four times during a five minute major? I think the most I've ever seen was two. And the Sharks still had 1:11 left on the PP when they scored the 4th goal. Holy hell, that was something to see.
  11. PS, welcome to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Vegas fans. Now you're getting a real feel for how this stuff actually works. Enjoy.
  12. And there's number four. Holy , this is amazing.
  13. Make it three PPG in a little over 3 minutes for the Sharks on this five minute major. Uh-Oh, Vegas.
  14. Stranger things have happened....Wait a minute, what the hell am I talking about. This is the Sharks we're talking about. Seriously though, on BASS, I did pick the Sharks to win the West.
  15. Losing in double OT on a shorthanded goal. That’s rough.
  16. I'm with you. Give me the good old fashioned tie over the shootout.
  17. And just like that, both #1 seeds have been taken down by # 8 seeds. And both #1 seeds got their asses handed to them in the process. Also, Mike Smith, Ladies and Gentlemen. Coming off the momentum of his shutout in game one, Smith caught fire and held Colorado to just 17 goals in the next four games. Funny game, this hockey.
  18. They look east, see the Cleveland Browns, and think “it could be worse.”
  19. Three thoughts on the games I've watched tonight... 1. WTF, Caps? 2. I thought the Blues were dead and then they reel off 3 unanswered and win a game I'm not sure they had any business winning. (Full disclosure, I didn't watch this one that closely) The GW goal was pretty sweet. 3. Being a San Jose fan must be weird.
  20. I wasn't at all insulted. Apologies if I came across like I was. With everyone including me when congratulating McCarthy and Crash, your post basically gave me a good opportunity to explain how I ended up a Blue Jackets fan. I felt a little undeserving being included in the "long-suffering" CBJ fan stuff that rightfully belongs to those two. So I used your post as a "jumping off" point to explain how I got here.
  21. Ummm....I was totally joking. Trust me, I fully understand following a team on a long playoff run. I've been on a few over the years. My guess is you aren't aware of my "hockey history." I was a Rangers fan from 1992-2011. (I lived in UpState NY from 1990-97.) I moved back to Ohio in the fall of 1997. The Blue Jackets didn't exist yet so I stuck with the Rangers, Long story short, the lost season lockout happened and I completely lost interest in the NHL. By the time the league came back, my interest was gone. It took a couple more seasons before I started getting mildly interested in the game again. It would be another couple years before I was fully back onboard as an NHL fan. By that point I'd been back in Ohio for over 10 years and being a Rangers fan wasn't as much fun as it used to be so I decided to make the switch to my "hometown" team. When the Jackets were still in the West, I still rooted for the Rangers a little, but it was nothing like it was before. When the Jackets were moved to the East and dropped into the same division as the Rangers, I decided I was done with the fan of two teams thing, I had more fun rooting for the Jackets, and here we are. Point being, none of this is "new" to me. Being here with the Jackets has been a lot more fun that it ever was with the Rangers. There's just something better about it being your "hometown team."