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  1. I'd forgotten that the Monsters won the Calder Cup. Also, I think 7 would have sufficed.
  2. I ran across RockyTopper every once in a while. I knew the name, but that was about it.
  3. Yup. Time flies when you're...well...doing whatever it is we do here.
  4. Granny was from Tennessee. Also, according to the guy who created the show, they were from the Ozarks in Missouri. That aside, so my point still stands. There is, in fact, oil in Tennessee.
  5. Member has been banned for admitting that he was using a duplicate account.
  6. My guess is a combination of both.
  7. Start the timer on when this becomes a part of someone's sig.
  8. Sure, if that distance is a couple miles.
  9. Major downgrade, which is bad enough. What's worse is that they were entirely unnecessary. Way to go, Rams, not only did you not pay a bit of attention to what the majority of your fanbase wanted, you also messed up one of the great NFL helmets. Not much chance that "Bone x Bone" becomes a meme.
  10. You haven't lived until you watch a baseball game with 3500 other people in a stadium that seats 80,000.
  11. If the 49ers don't get screwed by two absurd calls in the 4th quarter of the 1983 NFC title game, Joe Montana probably has 5 Super Bowl rings today.
  12. It will be like watching your average Truck race. It's probably way too soon to start back up, but I'd be lying if I said I was anything other than thrilled to have NASCAR back.
  13. Agreed. NASCAR going to be an interesting test case. On the bright side, NASCAR without fans won't seem nearly as weird as the other sports will. It's not like we can hear NASCAR fans on TV.
  14. That is the Marlboro sign at old Cleveland Stadium. If memory serves, it was on display right up to the day the Browns played their final game there in 1995. Since the topic is 80's sports, in 1987, I saw McGwire hit three HRs in a game at that stadium. Some guy named Reggie Jackson hit one that day as well.
  15. We may need a ruling. The exchange took place via a text group that is not officially sanctioned by Basically a Podcast Network.
  16. You're welcome, but that image actually came from Still MIGHTY.