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Hockey card "unique perspective" sets or collectors forums


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I do not actively collect sets of hockey cards. I do have a bunch of sets from the early 90's as a reference for jerseys, patches and who wore "C's" and "A's" from the days before Getty Images.

Most of my other sets are relatively oddball sets like draft pick sets that show players in college, minors or european jerseys. I also have a set of cards of players in All-Star game jerseys and one produced during the lockout season showing NHLers in European team jerseys.

Some of my most cherished sets, and most often referred to sets, are three from Finland and Sweden from 1995 and 1996 in honor of the World Championships showing players in their home country jerseys, like Finland, Sweden, Canada, USA, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France, Switzerland & Norway and the like.

So, my question would be are you aware of any sets of hockey cards produced in the last ten years that have a unique point of view that only show players in national team jerseys or All-Star jerseys, or any set notable for a large sub-set of a similar style. I know in the early 90's Upper Deck's sets had a sizeable "World Juniors" subset with many, many cards of the current World Juniors players. I believe they had to stop this because they were not allowed to include players who had not appeared in an NHL game yet if I remember that correctly.

If you are not aware of any sets in particular, do you know of any active card collecting forums where that kind of question would be the place to ask?


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