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Mystery Player 2/28/04


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I ahd a cups of coffee withe the Indians before playing 3 years for the expnasion Blue Jays. In 1980 I would go to New York, as the Yankees replacemnt at ctacher for Thurmon Munson. I would play with the Yanks until 1985 when I played with the Braves I would return to the Yanks in 1987 after spending a year with the Brewers. In 1988 I would move to Boston spending 2 year with the Red Sox before rejoining the Yanks in 1990. In 1991 I would move crosstown spending a year with the Mets before wrapping up my career in Montreal in 1992. After retiring I would go on to revive a classic Minor Leage Team in my hometown Newark.

Who Am I?



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