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Nfl Trade Rumors

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I have a few that I've heard.

One is Joey Galloway for Keyshawn Johnson

- No loser or winner in this trade. Bucs could use a quicker WR like Galloway and the Cowboys could use a more sure-handed guy like Keyshawn. Not to mention, Keyshawn has already played for Parcell's in the past. But doesn't anyone remember the Sportscenter interview in which Keyshawn say he definetely would not play for Bill Parcell's in Dallas?

I've heard a few for Terrell Owens, none of which are from reliable sources and should be taken as nothing more than rumors... But the one I heard that most intrigued me as a 49ers fan was --

Terrell Owens for Donte Stallworth and a 1st round pick

I haven't taken the time to ponder how lethal Joe Horn and Terrell Owens would be on the same field... but I like this for the 49ers. This would give them a solid young WR (to play opposite of Brandon Lloyd, hopefully), and the #19 pick in the draft. So they'd have the #16 and #19 picks in the 1st round. Giving them the opportunityto pick (WR) Rashaun Woods from AND (DE) Will Smith.

From what I hear, Woods did amazing at the Combine and is truely one of the underrated WR's in this draft.

You guys got any other rumors about players moving places?


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