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Icethetics ihl Jersey ideas


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I'm sure many of you are farmilliar with Icethetics. If so, then you know about the IHL that has been a major topic on the site. For those of you that don't know, the league is imaginary. I just want to see jerseys made with the logo's that were set to be used for each team. They can all be found on the site. So show us those jerseys!

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these are all decent logos there is just something missing not sure wat it is but when i look at them it doesnt scream primary

i agree with you entirely... i spent more time on the uni's than i did on the logo... which is the exact opposite of the way it should be done...

corporate identity should come first and them uni development...

i won't rehash the whole deal but i spent on average 30-45 minutes on each of these... they were quick, down and dirty... for the fun of it kinda thing...

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here are some i did... not all of them were chosen or submitted in time... oops... :hockeysmiley:

anyway, i had posted these in topics i had started on this board... but since some one asked... here they are again...







Very cool concepts. I really like the Crusaders look.

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