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Hey guys.

I've been around the boards for quite some time now, but never really went for a concept.

I'm no good with putting the ideas in my head on paper (because I can't draw work 2 you know whats) or on the computer (I have ZERO idea how to use programs like photoshop and illustrator).


I put up a request on the request boards, and got a few great crests from some people on the boards.

In the end, I presented them to my team mates from our company's indoor soccer team.

Firefly ended up having the winning design, so all logo credit goes to him.

So I thought i'd open up paint and take a stab at putting together a visual of what I ordered.

Here it is:


The blue version is the keeper's jersey.

What do you guys think? Do you get a decent visualization from this?

P.S. the triangle element in the crest is the company's logo.

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