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  1. here it is:
  2. (just adding the tweet that @element7ero is referencing)
  3. I don’t disagree at all. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s necessarily the public opinion. Lots of comment on Twitter and Facebook about asking for money back. I am happy that there will be a team to go see again though. What a fun atmosphere.
  4. Honestly, the new owner would have been better served to have started with a new name. People are pissed at how things ended. Season seat money was not refunded, players weren't paid, ect. It was a really fun few years until Super League when it all fell apart hard.
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    Stanley Cup 2021

    Lockdowns.....we've all gained a few
  6. Because then they don’t need to build a new stadium in that scenario. Forge, Valour and, Ottawa all use CFL stadiums which is likely why @Corvus asked that question.
  7. This is along the lines of what I'm thinking. I'm thinking something like league staff (head office and refs, ect as you said) work for both leagues and then the 2 leagues run their seasons in their respective countries as they currently do. Might give the 2 leagues some bargaining power with sponsors and offer a TV package for both leagues. It also would prevent the leagues from fighting over talent therefore avoiding (in theory at least) player costs from raising.
  8. Please no. I can picture the helmet looking like one of those plasma balls.
  9. Agreed. I like when TFC uses that dark grey (Onyx as they call it...or have called it in the past) as the secondary shirt colour. Do all the random and pointless designs on that. TFC should have very plain red shirt as the primary though. At least they didn't get the giant BMO logo without the wordmark like Montreal did.
  10. The Beast only lasted as long as they did because the city gave them money to keep them from folding and they still sold 20% ownership (two 10% stakes at 1 million each) and it wasn't enough. As much as majority owner, Carey Kaplin, has said it wasn't because of money, I have to believe that is not 100% true. I lived in Brampton most of my life until moving about 4 years ago. I visit frequently as I play softball and curl there (you know, when you could do those things) and have many friends there. I went to many Battalion games over the years and went to maybe 6 Beast games over the years (including their first home game). The Battalion games, while usually half empty, always had more people than the Beast games. To @Dilbert's point there's just too many teams in the area. Hell, the Mississauga Steelheads arena is 10 mins up the road. The arena is out of the way as well. It's a cool sports park with a rugby field, a cricket field and, baseball diamonds in addition to the arena (which has 3 community rinks) but it's on a plot of land surrounded by 2 highways with no exits to/from them and there is 1 road in and out which caused big traffic issues when the arena was half full. When it was full, it was a nightmare to get out of there. It was a 5 minute drive from my house but if it was a busy game, it took 45 mins to get home. Add to that information that Brampton is a city with many immigrant people who come from countries where hockey isn't the most popular of sports (that isn't to say they can't or won't become hockey fans); I feel like Brampton just isn't a place where hockey will work.
  11. I'm not sure about the location but it's got to be better than being an attraction at a casino. I like that the new owner is a former player, an investor in the PLL and, owns Poch Lacrosse. Says to me he'd be really invested in making this work.
  12. My 2 cents? Montreal has gone so far backwards here. I ranted about my thoughts on the name before so I won't re-hash but now they've got a pretty bland uniform set too. They've just stripped this team of anything unique they built up at all in terms of identity. (posting the other jersey here as well as I haven't seen it in this thread yet) Let's just hope that TFC doesn't get that giant BMO logo on either of their shirts.
  13. Changing their identity a little bit isn't going to fix what their real problems are. (Apparently there's a lot of fighting behind the scenes...very reminiscent of early TFC days). My reaction to this was "meh". I think using the word "united" instead of the number 9 to convey that this club is supposed to represent the 9 towns/cities makes more sense but "whatever".
  14. I mean, yeah, the name was never good but with almost 30 linear years of being a pioneer in Canadian soccer (I know, that history doesn't run deep yet) the history is there with that name. That's why I think this idea is stupid.
  15. I saw this too and just thought "What the :censored: Montreal?". Why on earth would you do this? Forget the "generic FC" argument. The Impact have been around, as you mentioned, since 1993. It's been owned by Saputo all along and, outside of the Whitecaps (who's history is much less linear...but let's not get into that) is the longest established club in Canada. Stupid. Just stupid.
  16. He followed up with this: Seems like the push to get to Quebec remains a priority but Sask seems to be falling away with each passing year.
  17. I'm gonna rant a little here, apologies in advance (and extra apologies to @_J_ who's already been subject to this)... I realize the new logo is gimmicky and maybe a little corny but you know what? It's fun. It's also a nod to the interesting history of the team and it's way more recognizable than the shield. The shield is/was a good logo but it is a little generic (maybe plain is a better word?). If you look at the CFL logos They are primarily letters on a simple backdrop (Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Ottawa and, Winnipeg...just Winnipeg is just a letter) or they are an animal (Calgary, Hamilton, BC...which also has letters). I guess Montreal is an animal too but it's kind of it's own thing so I didn't include it in the animals. That's not to say anything negative about the CFL logos, overall I think the league has more good than bad. This, although admittedly it features a letter, is something a little different from the rest. I like that. If the Atlantic team comes in, then I guess it won't be different from the rest of the league anymore but I'm not convinced that is going to happen (but that's topic for another day and thread). I donno. Maybe I'm just overthinking it but whatever, that's my little rant about why I like it.
  18. I recall being part of a discussion earlier this year where it was mentioned this might happen but, IIFC, we all agreed that it was not likely. I mean kudos to the team for trying to right a wrong but why change it all? I guess that's the Fire's motto now "Chicago Fire, we keep righting our wrongs". I hate everything Austin but I must admit, this is actually a nice look. Would be even better if the adidas stripes weren't white (or there at all) but still, nice.
  19. I think we did about the same time. all good. I'm sure the mods will merge it
  20. Fort Worth, Texas is getting an NLL team for the 2021-2022 season. The team announced today that their name is "Panther City Lacrosse Club". The logos were also released. I really like that secondary logo in the shape of the head of the stick.
  21. From the article on the mothership. I love it
  22. Agreed, It's just not as busy so it works much better. I've never disliked the shield and have great memories of those teams that wore the Jason logo but the football boat is so cool and unique. It's the way to go.