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49ers Alternate Logo Concepts


what do yall think?  

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ok, Ive been fooling around with these for a few months now. but I wanted to wait until after the 49ers baseball Iron Crossover to unveil them (you all know why too)

I love the current scheme my 49ers (long live Ken Dorsey!) currently wear, but I would like to see them expand thier graphic identity somewhat. so I came up with a couple of shield logos and a new wordmark (which theyre getting anyways, but this is just my idea of what it should be)

first idea:


second idea:


wow, you know....I would like to see the pickaxes behind the first....


owie!! okay, Ill shut up!

I KNEW someone would probably ask that so I beat you all to the punch and did it. Personally I think its way too busy. And Im posting this just to prove me right


and here is a simple idea for a wordmark. nothing extremely creative, but I feel it would work. I did two, one on red and one on white



and heres a ghetto photoshop (okay, not really a photoshop, just an image edit) of how it would look on thier uniform


now, observe, admire, and vote away my pets! :hockeysmiley:

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