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Mystery Player 3/15/04


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I began my career with teh White Sox, before being traded to the Pirates as my 3rd base coach took over teh maagerial reigns in Pittsburgh. After establishing myself as a star I cashed in big time on Free Agency signing with the Mets. There I just coasted as constentley fought with reporters who seemed relcunat to come with me on a tour of tha Bronx. After the smile was wipped off my face I was traded to teh Orioles where i played a year and a ahlf bfore joing the Marlins. In Florida I was reuninted with my old manager from Pittsburgh as we won the World Series, but the Marlisn were broken up and I was traded to teh Dodgers. After a miserable half seasonin LA I returned to New York to steal more of teh Mets money as fans booed me I didnt care I played cards as the team lost in the playoffs. The Mets would release me shortly there after and I went on to finish my career in Atlanta and St. Louis.

Who Am I?

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