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Recently, a friend of mine here in school filled me about a friend of his who has an upstart clothing line... they've produced some stuff already, but it's of course, still in the early stages... but they expect to be carried in some dept. stores by the end of the year. But that's not really the point, just some background.

Anyway, via my friend, these guys got wind of my work and are interested in having me do some designs and stuff for their company. Anyway, being the amateur-intermediate that I am, I really have no clue on how freelance designing and the buisness side of things work. I reread the previous post in regards to the buisness side, but it really didn't give me too much information.

Also, I would like to know about any of the rules (if they exist) towards color combinations or the way jersey's are cut or something. In other words, if this were the scenario, would it be alright: Taking my jersey ideas (ie - my Orlando concepts) and adapting them to the company (replacing the Orlando Magic with the company name) but keeping the color scheme and patterning... what are the rules and such as far as something like that would be concerned. Also, are the way jersey's are cut important... in other words, if I were to design something that had the same cut as the San Jose Sharks jersey (as far as the neckline is concerned) or something like the Maverick's neckline... are all those fair game, or are the rules and such for that as well?

Anyway, knowing there are actual pro's here, I'd certainly appreciate any information you guys could give me... anything from like contracts, pricing, do's and don'ts, just anything you feel would be helpful and informative for me would just be GREATLY appreciated. Thanx in advance.

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