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Just found this on the Flint Central HS Alumni Page:

Central High School Removes "Indians" from the School, Saturday, August 16, 2003

On Saturday, a select group of school administrators "raided" the school to remove any presence of the Flint Central Indian mascot. All items with the word "Indians" or the picture of the "Indian" were carefully crated and stored for safe-keeping. Use of the words or pictures on walls or doorways was carefully painted over. This was done in secret and by surprise ostensibly to prevent the items from disappearing prior to their collection. The only remnants of the former mascot are the logo in the center of the gym floor and the engraved stone plaque in the monument on the school lawn. It is planned to remove these, also, but the work must be professionally done. The items in storage will remain there until the administration and the school board agree on their disposition. Rumors are that they may be sold (auctioned) to help defray the cost of replacing some items (such as sports uniforms) which were confiscated. The administrators plan to have the current student body select a replacement mascot toward the end of the school year.

Regardless of the actions of the school board, those who attended FCHS during the "Indian" period (1923 through 2003) are now and will forever be entitled to consider themselves "Flint Central Indians." The FCHS Alumni Association plans to continue providing quality "Indian" memorabilia to our members. We have paperweights, desk sets, and letter holders made from the marble from the old girl's shower stalls with red and black plaques featuring the "Indian". We have sweatshirts and t-shirts featuring the "Indian". And we have coffee mugs with the picture of the "Indian". And, when the student body select a new mascot, we will add items featuring that mascot to our inventory to recognize the alumni from the new era, too. All items are available for sale; proceeds go to support our scholarship program for graduating seniors and our distinguished alumni recognition program. Contact Julie Taylor at 232-8936 for information.

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55, i didn't follow the threads like many others here did. did you offer many designs for the schools? i'd hate to think um left eveyone here out to dry after many concepts were thrown out for him. i too worked on a "corporate" logo for his Trifecta group and haven't heard from him since. hopefully an update will follow.

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