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IIHF Team Canada Hockey


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well this is my first concept in a long while and i think its all right.

well i was kinda going for a Canadian Flag feel to it, and personally i see no reason for Canada to wear black as they used to and now that they cant wear the Hockey Canada logo to the Olympics any more i figured it was worth a shot to make something alittle more "out there" but still semi-traditional.



so C&C is welcome and also, i was trying to incorporate the number of gold medals Canada has won at the Olympics(7) into the Leaf via veins but i could'nt come up with anything. so feel free so offer suggestions for that.

-also yes i realize they have a very strong Red-Wings vibe. but why not, Stevie Y's in charge these days so it might be rather fitting. <_<

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I just wandered across these and I think they're great and I could definitely see Canada wearing something like this. It reminds me of the old jerseys they used to wear back in the 70's. One thing thats bothering me though is the stem and how it goes between the N and A it looks akward.

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These are very Red Wingy, but overall very good. I would take off the Canada script on the bottom. The first reason is that it is hard to see, and second it is not needed IMO. Everyone knows that it is Canada with the big red maple leaf on the front.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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