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SF Giants Alt. Hat And Jersey Concept


so would these fly as alternates?  

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ok, I got this idea from the Giants "Orange October" campaign from last season. I figured it could perhaps work as a home alternate jersey with the batting practice jersey script. I also made a road alternate in thier traditional black and utilizing thier script "San Francisco" logo.

Orange is one of those colors that is good as a trim, but doesnt really lend itself well as a primary. It works for quite a few teams (Flyers, Tennessee Vols to name just a few) but like green, if used wrong the results can be rather tormenting on the retinas. and for the record, orange is a mix of red and yellow the same way green is a mix of blue and yellow. Orange is by no means connected to a certain other color, and I rest my case on that.

after observing and admiring, be sure to use the poll to give your feedback! Because here we get feedback without confrontation, without nitpicking and without compromise. because after all, thats what the board is all about! Hooray!


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