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Women's World Champs in Finland


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So Canada thumped China but China was dressed in some new uniforms. I'm guessing they are a Swift design done by Tackla, but they have changed from having "China" in script to China's hockey logo. Anyways, here is the link to the pictures:

2009 IIHF Women's World CHamps

I also noticed that the Nike logo wasn't on Canada's jerseys either. When did that start for the women? I've always thought they used Nike as well. And while I am on the topic, what's the reason that Nike goes and designs all these jerseys but doesn't actually end up doing them and Tackla usually does them? This usually isn't in the case of the top divisions in IIHF, but mostly in Division 1 and lower.

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How were you able to tell that Tackla made the jerseys? I know they do make the Nike designs for some teams, but am just wondering how you could tell. I'd assume Nike just hires Tackla to do some of the jerseys for them.

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