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Uni Watch April 9


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I know a lot you guys are regular readers of the Uni Watch blog, but for those of you who missed it, yesterday's entry had an amazing group of links put together by a guy named Larry Bodnovich. Apparently he and his brother are collectors of NFL DVDs, many of which have tons of old footage, and they've gone in and made numerous screen grabs. Here's the link to the story, which in turn has links to a number of albums on Picasa.

Uni Watch April 9 with links to vintage AFL/NFL screen grabs

For NFL uniform history geeks (Timmy B, et al.), this is an incredible resource. For instance, there is color footage of the Raiders mid-sixties road set with the light colored number:


I was always pretty sure the light colored numbers were silver, but here is definitive proof. There's a ton of other cool stuff in there too, so enjoy!

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There are some great pics in those albums. My brother is in the WFL album. Second row, third pic - he's the one on the left. He (Tony) and the guy on the right (Greg) were part of NFL Film's documentary of the WFL. Apparently, they are two of the leading historians of the WFL. Who knew there was such a thing?

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Awesome stuff. Look at this pic. Is Jim Brown wearing sunglasses?? Must be pregame. :D

What's great about these shots isn't just the players and unis; as Paul pointed out in his column about the Vikings band and cheerleaders, the background stuff is golden too. For example, how many NFL stadiums now feature billboards for...



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