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The 'rebrand' of the USL in 2004 brought all the various-name leagues under a single banner. A-League, PDL, etc all became simply USL-1, USL-2, etc. And accordingly there was a new logo system implemented, introducing a simple shield shape incorporating their 'flaming ball' signature and the league initials.


The problem was, though practically no one seemed to notice, was their shield design was a bit wonky. For a time I wondered if it was intentional, though extremely odd; but it became clear it was just lazy work. (nevermind the gradients and typography...)

Step forward a few years, and though the error still seemed to escape most everyone, someone smart inside took action and they implemented new versions with a corrected shield shape.


Then go to this year... and the new league website. And the old wonky logo is back in force, likely because the league/the designers/some combination didn't know the difference. Plus, what makes it worse is the new version is seen on subpages while the older version hovers overhead.


Anyhow, in the large scheme of things it's not much; but it indicates to me they didn't roll out their corrections in an appropriate manner.

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