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Semo (southeast Missouri State University)


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Posted this on the GD board, but will fit here as well. http://www2.semo.edu/urelations/mascot/ anyhow the school in Cape Girardeau Missouri wants to change its name from Indians/Otakians to a more PC name, you can leave suggestions here. the university has the approval of the local tribes to use the name and it fits the heritage of the area as well. I believe that it is a bigger disgrace to let the name go and turn our back on our history and culture. If these political correction police must have their though names such as falcons or wolves (also suggested) do not truely evoke any pride or connection withthe area. Redbirds is a good fit and has ties in multiple ways but and i hate to do this; the name fighting squirrels or ninja squirrels actually has buzz and appeal and would sell merchandise the country over, which is all this about anyway, a way to make more money. What do you those of you in the know think is a good idea? The schools colors are red and black and they want to keep them that way, so have at it guys. If you need any ideas, the athletic website is http://www.gosoutheast.com

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I say the copperheads was the best reccomendation. The snake is an under-utilized mascot, the football team could have copper colored helmets, which I don't think many, (if any) teams currently use. The S in SE missouri could be the snake... i think copperheads rocks.

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