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California woes hit NCAA teams


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Coaches May Face Furloghs

I recall hearing Les Myles indicate that he was fine if the state of Louisiana did furlough him, but this sounds like the CSU schools must do this.

Credit: The Fresno Bee

Fresno State athletic director Thomas Boeh has been authorized to create and implement an employee-furlough process in Bulldogs athletics. The executive committee of the Fresno State Athletic Corp. board on Friday morning charged Boeh with the task of doing the seemingly impossible: Figure out a way to send coaches home without pay two days a month, even when their sport is in season.

Boeh said he is working with officials at other state universities, including San Jose State and San Diego State, to create a process that is fair and consistent within the California State University system. He said the process may have to take into account the unique requirements of a sport in season.

The entire university will feel the pain. Higher student fees, fewer class offerings, staff reductions and two-day-a-month furloughs for most employees are all but inevitable in the 2009-10 fiscal year that began July 1.

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