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Possible Opportunity To Help Someone Out


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I got an e-mail today from someone stating that he wants to use college logos for his bantam league, and he was askin for help.. not sure if he wanted help attaining the logos or design help, but I sent him the link to come here to see if anyone could help him out. He may just be askin for exsisting logos from colleges to put on the jerseys, since on my webpage I have all the D-1 college hockey logos on it, which is probably why he e-mailed me. But just a heads up to anyone who wants to help if he needs it. I can post the e-mail here if anyone was curious how it went down, otherwise i won't for now. His name is Doug and is from Amherst, NY.

twitter_zps93c9c8f9.png @josh_j12 smbelt_zps438edf04.png

CFA- Fargo Bobcats

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