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AP 2D art concentration


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So I'm in AP 2D graphics, which is basically just graphic design. It's my senior year and I'm not doing graphic design in college so I don't care THAT much about how I do, but I have to send 24 works as the exam. One section is concentration, which is 12 works that focus on one thing. Here's what the AP says it is:

The Concentration section shows the student's in-depth exploration of a particular design concern. It is presented as 12 images, some of which may be details of works. The emphasis is on a coherent development of an idea through a body of work, in addition to the artistic success of the work.

And here's a few samples of what students have done:


So for the other parts of the exam I've put in a bunch of logos I've done, a couple sports one but mainly non-sports marks. I'm really lost as to what I should do for the concentration (as are most of my classmates), and I'm wondering if anyone here has any ideas, or has gone through the same process. Thanks.


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Two years ago in my senior year of high school I took an AP Art class and we had to do the 24 projects which 12 had to be a concentration, but for my class it was for regular, not like graphic design. For my concentration, I decided to do different angles of different cars because that is what I draw best. I don't really know what you should focus on, but I would suggest it be something that is easy for you and that you are good at.

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Nice to see fellow AP Art students here. Although, like the poster above, I had more traditional pieces with a few digital pieces in the mix. For my concentration I just drew football players. My obvious recommendation for you is to have a concentration of sports logos, it's easy, you already have some done, and because of having so many sports, you can display different styles your good at. Now, I only got a 4, so take my opinion for what it's worth.


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